Safety is a key component of Otte Electric Inc. culture. We know that injuries can be prevented by eliminate. Many programs have been developed to instill that “good attitude” with the employees of. With time it will grow to a way of life as a result of these items.

  1. To ensure the Safety of our employees an orientation is given to all new employees.
  2. During their Orientation, the employees are provided with hard hats, safety glasses and any other equipment that is needed to complete the job.
  3. At Otte Electric Inc. we have an assigned safety officer who ensures that new safety ideas a promoted and shared a crossed the company. At Otte Electric we also believe that every employee is a safety officer. This ensures us that our employees are looking out for each other.
  4. A safety meeting is held every morning in which all of the equipment is inspected and safety tips are given for the day-to-day operations.
  5. At Otte Electric we believe in a Drug Free Workplace, we take this matter very seriously and severe re-precautions are in place for those who violate this Policy.
  6. Otte Electric does not see safety as a policy written on a baord we see it as a way of Life.
  7. Employees of Otte Electric Inc. are not allowed to work on any energized circuits.? A written Lockout / Tag out program is followed for locking out equipment and electrical circuits that could cause injury or death to an employee if activated while being worked on or maintenance being performed.? Employees are required to carry their lockout equipment with them at all times.
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